Saturday I’m taking an all-day class with Lenore Crawford.  We have our choice of three different patterns to use to learn her technique.  I chose the Yellow Poppies pattern (scroll down the page to see it).


I picked out all my fabrics except the background.  The background piece measures 20” x 25”, so I needed something bigger than a half yard. 


I looked for what felt like forever, but I couldn’t find a large enough cut of suitable fabric in my stash.  After buying 11 yards of fabric last week, I didn’t want to shop for more.


When all else fails, paint what you need.  It’s starting to feel like the new theme for the year.


So I started painting and this is what came out.

            painted bkgd 


Two shades of blue sponged and brushed with a toothbrush over a base of the two blues, purple and lime green.

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