Stash Report 21

I didn’t use anything this week.


Yesterday I had the all day Lenore Crawford class.  I learned some cool things and enjoyed myself even though the class was not what I expected.  I don’t know what I did expect.  Maybe more talk about how to create quilt patterns from your own photos.  Either way, the class was worth it.


She repeated some of her lecture from the guild meeting a few nights before since most of us hadn’t attended.  After that she explained her technique and how to pick fabrics for her patterns.  She didn’t even finish talking befoe I realized I did not bring the right fabrics to class.  Good thing the quilt shop sponsored the class since half of us had to add to what we brought.  I got away with only buying a fat quarter.


This is about half of the design – the simple half.

         poppies in process 


Total Added YTD:  12.375

Total Busted YTD:  7.75


Net Added:  4.625 yds

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