Three days off from work and what have I been doing?  Mostly eating and sleeping, just because I can.


I also bought a new camera.  How many months ago did the old one break?  As soon as I figure it out I’ll have (hopefully) better quality pictures on the blog.  There was so much stuff in the box I set it aside for today.



We also put up one of those screen room tent things in the backyard.  We live in an area known as The Black Swamp.  Seriously.  About twenty seconds after you walk out of the house, a cloud of mosquitos forms around you.  It’s annoying.  Now I can sit in the backyard without getting bit.


I’m very close to finishing the picture challenge quilt, which I still can’t show, and I’ve been painting on it and some other things.


Lots going on, which is good because I need to finish something and bust some fabric.  More about that tomorrow.

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