June Swap Blocks

One of my quilt groups started doing membership blocks again.  Each member makes a block for one of the other members based on the receiver’s choice of fabric, color, pattern, etc.  We did this a couple years ago.  This round we will only make blocks for the ladies that joined since the last time we did it.


For the blocks due in June, we received white fabric and a focus fabric with the country scenes on it.  I made two blocks because I liked the focus fabric so much.

         June swap blocks 


The block on the left started as a simple frame around the focus fabric.  Boooor-ing!  I stenciled on the lines and added a little freehand painting to give it a more rustic look.  It’s so easy to create an antique/old-world look with paint that it’s a waste not to do it when it fits.


The block on the right is one of those “I wonder what this will look like?” experiments.  The focus fabric fades into the background and loses its charm.  The white/rust fabric started as plain white that I sponged with two colors of copper and some green.  It’s an interesting technique that uses a surprising amount of fabric and takes forever to sew because of all the seams.

Monday I’ll get a new set of instructions for the next round.

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