I’m heading out tomorrow to the NQA Show in Columbus, Ohio with some friends.  This trip I’m in it to see the quilts.  I can’t think of anything I need except some thread from the YLI booth. 


Famous last words, huh?  Every time I go into Joann’s just for thread I come out with a whole bag of stuff.


Thanks to everyone that’s left comments the past few months.  I know I’m behind on responding, but I do appreciate your input.  I’m home less and less lately, which limits my computer time.  I haven’t spent this much time out and about since my teens.


Too bad it isn’t all fun.  We looked at a second assisted living facility today.  I’m hoping to have mom moved out of her house by the holidays.  She’s hoping I forget about it.  This whole process is more challenging than I anticipated.  It brings to the surface feeling I didn’t even know I had.

But for now I’m putting all that aside for a couple days of friendship, laughter and amazing quilts.  See ya Saturday.

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