Stash Report #25

Another trip back to mom’s house this weekend, but this time most of the family came in from out of state and we had a mini reunion.  Both my sisters and both my nephews visited.  I got to see my great-niece for the first time.  She just learned to walk and toddles around like a princess with a mission.  Simply adorable. 


The time went too fast.  I hope fewer years pass before the next time we all get together.


I didn’t buy anything, but my sister brought me a fat quarter bundle that she bought years ago and never used.  I didn’t get time to sew this weekend and didn’t bust any fabric.  Maybe next week…..

         fat qtr bundle


Total Added YTD:  16.375

Total Busted YTD:  7.875


Net Added:  8.5 yds

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