New Bag

I decided I needed a new tote bag because the old one is about worn out.  It’s all faded with little holes in the bottom.  I wanted a bag with a different shape from a standard tote, and I wanted newer fabrics that had bright, fun prints.


The pattern came from a book called Pretty Little Purses and Pouches.  The book includes bags from several different designers.

        tote bag 


I can’t say that I’ll ever make this one again.  I found it difficult to work around those wooden handles.  You have to insert them as you’re sewing the bag because they are one circular piece.


I made several changes to the pattern that probably didn’t make it any easier.  I made the bag bigger, added batting between the lining and the outside, shortened the side openings, and switched out pieced fabric with decorative stitching for the dishtowels they used to make the original.

Live and learn.  It’s done and I love it, which is all that really matters.   

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