A Special Gift

I went to the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild show last Saturday to check out the wonderful quilts and the interesting vendors.  I walked through the quilts with my friend, but we split up to shop.  We have different tastes and thought it would work out better that way.


I walked through a half dozen vendor booths without anything screaming at me to buy it.  Booth is a loose description for the vendor’s area because there are no real walls between them.  The vendor’s display racks create the walls for that booth.


So I’m in the back corner of one booth and I can see antique quilts in the corner of the next booth with little slips of paper attached that say “free”.  Free?  Are they kidding?  I figured there had to be a catch.


Nope.  No catch.  Another woman walked over while I was looking at them, took one for herself, and encouraged me to take one.  We chatted with the owner for a good fifteen minutes before we both moved on.

     antique quilt 


I ran into several people I knew that morning, but only one of my friends asked about the quilt.  She’s quite the collector of old quilts and tops.  She could not believe that I got it for free, so I took her over to the booth and she scored the last free top.


I’m not sure if I’ll quilt it or not.  My Mom thought it looked Christmas-y because of the red, green and white color scheme.  I hadn’t thought about that, but I suppose it does.


Many thanks to the generous folks at Quilt Corner in Ypsilanti, Michigan for making my day.

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