Winds of Change

I bought this fat quarter pack at the quilt show last weekend.

     fat quarter pack 


I know I said I wouldn’t buy anything but yardage anymore because I was tired of having only little pieces of fabric when I needed big pieces of fabric.  All that changed with my new obsession with bright prints.  Tone on tones still have their place, but I’m drawn to the wild side.


Change is funny.  Small changes, like buying prints, turn into a long, drawn-out process.  Big changes, on the other hand, happen fast.  Usually just a few short words and life changes forever.


We’re closing the business.


I want a divorce.


They found cancer.


In five seconds everything changes.


Maybe the big changes need to happen fast to get them over with and the small changes happen slow because a bunch of small changes turns into an even bigger change.


It’s something to consider.  I guess I have change on my mind since it has us surrounded with more on the way.


Even the stash numbers changed.


Total Added YTD:  19.375

Total Busted YTD:  9.875


Net Added:  9.5 yds


(Note to my friends and family:  we are fine here…healthy, working and happily married.)

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