This summer happened to be a good one for growing squash.  Everyone we know has more than they can use.  This is what my kitchen counter looked like after I gave a dozen away.



It’s more than I know what to do with.  I’ve fried, sautéed, made soups, made slaw, and even blanched and froze some to use in soups this winter.  I took squash to work and gave them away.  We gave them to friends and family.


When I look at the counter, I see an overwhelming number of squash.  In a month, I’ll look at the counter and see just the right amount.  In two months I’ll see an empty counter and wish I had fresh squash.  The ones from the grocery store won’t be nearly as good.


And so goes my life.  The days are overflowing with more things than I know what to do with.  I can pass some of it on to others, but most of it stays with me.  A month from now, parts of it will be behind me.  A few months from now, it will all have passed and I’ll move on to other things.


The blog, like many things, took its share of neglect the past few weeks.  I thought about letting it go.  Posts started accumulating in my head, distracting me from other responsibilities.  It’s not time for the two of us to part ways.  Something else will go in its place.


Thanks to everyone that keeps checking in, for your patience and understanding during what is turning into one of the craziest years of my life. 

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