New Ground

Things have calmed down some and I’m getting back into the old routine.  I’m sewing this week for the first time in forever, and I’m oh so grateful to have the opportunity.


During all those weeks of minimal sewing, I had the chance to re-evaluate my priorities and shift my focus to the ideas that won’t go away.  Some have hung around for a year or more, and it’s time to express them in fabric.


I’ve had an infatuation with dimensional quilts for years now, the more texture and dimension the better.  After rolling ideas in my head for way too long, I’m starting to cut fabric.  I also had a slip with the rotary cutter and put a respectable cut in my hand, but I didn’t let that stop me.  It was considerate enough not to hurt, so my husband bandaged it and I kept on sewing.


I’m starting my adventures in dimension with a flower pattern from a book and some leaf patterns in a different book that match a Thanksgiving card design.  We get tons of catalogs at work that sell greeting cards for the holidays.  What business sends Thanksgiving cards?  I’ve never seen it, but those catalogs are a fountain of inspiration.

          3D pieces 

 I’m excited about exploring new territory, and as always I will post the failures right along with the successes.  I’m all about having fun with these experiments.  I hope you enjoy them too. 

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