Design Table Monday

I made good progress on the Cobblestone quilt, but not enough changed to justify another picture.  Since it hogs the whole design bed, my other projects are on my worktable.

         Design Table


I pulled out the butterfly blocks thinking I would work on them.  I haven’t but I will.  I also pulled fabric for a swap block due at quilt group meeting next Monday.  I want it done and out of here.


In the right rear of the picture you can see the chart that came in the swap block packet.  I had to color it in so I’d get the fabrics in the right spots.


I haven’t posted a stash update in a couple months.  Here are the new numbers.


Total Added YTD:  19.375

Total Busted YTD:  10.625


Net Added:  8.75 yds


Those small projects don’t use much fabric.


To see what’s on other design walls, visit Patchwork Times.

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