Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating it.  I am very grateful to have the day off work and to spend time with my family.  May your day overflow with an abundance of blessings.


We don’t make a big deal out of any holiday at our house.  Today is more of a catch up all the things I’m behind on day for me.  I’ll cook a nicer meal then we usually eat and pick my Mom up to visit and eat with us, but that’s about it. 


I plowed through a bunch of housework this morning, which is enough work for one holiday.  Now on to the fun stuff.


My ongoing projects receive some attention here and there.  I trimmed all the butterfly blocks and quilted the last one.  I started binding one and realized I should have quilted the background too and not just the butterfly.  I haven’t given any thought to what I’ll quilt in the background.  Instead I moved on to a different project.



Until kitchen duty calls, I’m off to the sewing room.


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