UFOs and 2011

Near the end of the year I always think about the quilts I want to make or finish next year.  In 2010 I didn’t finish a single UFO.  Not one.  I did a better job of finishing the quilts I started and only added a couple UFOs to the box.  Ignoring all the quilts already in process was not the original plan.

Even though I’m actively working on two quilts, I keep thinking about this round robin from a couple years ago.


Each strip is a separate section.  I laid them out close together to fit them in the picture, but they’re not sewn together.  I set it aside because I didn’t know how I wanted to finish it, but now I have an idea.

The more I look at this quilt, the better the chance that I’ll finish it.  I’m off to find an in my face place to hang the strips.

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3 Responses to UFOs and 2011

  1. Beth says:

    Hey, that was OUR round robin 🙂 I had forgotten all about it!

  2. Gayle says:

    I think finishing this should be our challenge for 2011. What do you think?

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