New 30 Day Trial

My last 30-day trial of doing two things a day to improve my surroundings died a slow death.  I did clean up a lot of different areas of the house last month, but with my efforts spread through many rooms the results didn’t jump out at me.  To some degree, it dampened my enthusiasm. 

The trial did get me consciously thinking about positive changes to our home and action did follow, so in that sense the trial served its purpose.

The trial for the next 30 days deals with diet and has three parts.  First, I want to increase my fluid intake to 48 ounces a day.  I eat lots of high water content fruits and vegetables and don’t see the need to drink more than that.

Second, I’m keeping a log of how I react or not to different foods.  Between Christmas and New Year’s I was one big headache and lived on Tylenol.  In spite of the chaos that was my life that week, it shouldn’t have been that bad.  I can always tell a food reaction headache from a regular headache because Tylenol and Advil barely take the edge off, no matter how many I take.

For the last part I will search for some new sources of fiber in my diet.  I started reacting to one of the high fiber foods I used to eat everyday.  I’m a firm believer in fiber as an effective method for controlling cholesterol and many other health problems that develop with age.  I know my son’s blood work always improves when he eats lots of fiber.

This is the first time I’ve tried accomplishing more than one goal during a 30-day trial.  If it works out, I can see myself doing in more in the future.

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2 Responses to New 30 Day Trial

  1. Beth says:

    If you haven’t tried it yet, you might try quinoa as a healthful source of fiber. I like it for its protein content; as a vegetarian, I have a tough time getting enough protein.

  2. Gayle says:

    I love quinoa too! I like it because of those little sprouty things it has on it. They make it taste kind of like spring or something. I cook it in boullion just like rice and add some frozen mixed veggies near the end. Yum!
    I tried to tackle my whole house at once and since I started thinking that way I haven’t done a single thing! So starting today I’m working on one room at a time. Then I’ll alternate between rooms that show and those that don’t. The ones that show aren’t going to be as difficult as those that don’t (I mean really who sees them?) so I’ll get some instant gratification as well as some really good clutter attack.
    Goog luck to you!

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