One Thing Leads to Another

It all started with the idea of putting a chair in our bedroom.  I wanted a quiet place where I could read or write or think when the guys had the TV blasting.

To get a chair in the bedroom, another piece of furniture had to go.  I decided to move this dresser to another room.  Dad built it and I ended up with it when I moved into my first apartment.  I’m the youngest, so I have all the furniture my parents didn’t want once all us girls grew up and moved out.


My husband and I shared this dresser.  Most of what I had in there I donated.  Most of his stuff went into the rag bin.  We had room in another dresser for what we wanted to keep.

To fit the dresser in the dining room I had to sacrifice my cutting table. Now it sits in the corner folded up.  If I need to do a lot of cutting I can use it and then put it back when I’m done.  Not ideal, but I can live with it.

So what did we do with an empty dresser in the dining room?  I filled it with all the boxes of stuff from my sewing room that had been sitting in the hall and the dining room.  I fit four boxes and a 30-gallon tote of quilting supplies in that dresser.  Amazing, huh?

It didn’t feel that way while I sorted and rearranged.  To my horror, I filled three drawers and a storage bins for sweaters that slides under a bed with UFOs.  The various parts of each project were scattered everywhere.  I’d find the pattern in one box and the fabric in another.  The sewn pieces were in yet another box.

When I had to tear down my sewing room last fall, I boxed everything by area.  The design wall went in one box, the stuff on the bed in another.  I planned to set it back up right away, but never did.  At the time I didn’t think about how impossible it would be to find anything.

So now everything is sorted and grouped together, and each drawer contains an index card listing what’s in the drawer. 

But all those UFOs bugged me the rest of the day, and that led to the next thing…

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One Response to One Thing Leads to Another

  1. Beth says:

    Donna, this is exactly the kind of thing I was into yesterday! I decided I’d tackle my scrap bin, try to cut strips and squares or rectangles and actually have usable pieces at the ready. Instead, I found a whole pile of matched squares and HSTs that I have no idea what I was going to do with!!! So now they are sitting out and today I am going to come up with some kind of design! Fun but off-track of where I started 🙂

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