Artella Mystery Mentor

Back in December I signed up for Artella’s Mystery Mentor program.  By signing up I committed to contact my “mentee” three times during the month, and one contact had to be a small gift sent via snail mail.  In turn, someone different would mentor me. 

Each participant had to write a brief statement describing his/her personal goal for 2011.  That statement went to the mentor with the mentee’s contact information. 

I was lucky enough to pull the program organizer as my mentor.  She did a wonderful job of sending me emails supporting my goals for the year.  Seeing how she approached it also gave me ideas on what to say to my mentee.

It’s not as easy as it sounds.  A life coach I am not, nor will I ever be.

My mentor sent me this as my small gift.


That was the front.  The next picture is the back.


I absolutely love it.  I display it where I’ll see it every day so it will remind me to “connect”.

After such a great experience, I know I’ll sign up for the program again next year.

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