New Challenges and a New Series

I can hardly believe it’s March already and spring is just around the corner. 

It looks like “family” is the current theme.  Mom’s physical setbacks right after Christmas triggered a progression in the dementia.  I spend a lot more time at my mom’s apartment, and I have almost daily conversations with my family and the assisted living facility.  We’ll move her into the next level of care sometime this month.  Seems like we just moved her up here and now I’m going through her belongings again trying to scale back enough to fit into the next apartment.

For whatever reason, when life throws so much at me that my creative time dwindles to next to nothing, I get really clear on what I want and how to achieve it.  The meaningless day-to-day busy work falls away, leaving only what’s important.  My attention shifts to playing a bigger game.

For the blog, that translates into returning to more fabric painting and instructional posts.  I miss them.  Blogging, for me, has lost some of the magic without the experiments in techniques.  I’ll still work on the UFOs and incorporating 3D elements in my quilts, but I need more, both to keep me interested and to keep me sane through this very stressful time.

Many of the techniques on my wish list relate to either masking or resist, so those are the techniques I’m exploring next.  The first experiments will post later this week and cover freezer paper masking.  I’m getting some interesting results and can’t wait to share them.

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2 Responses to New Challenges and a New Series

  1. Beth says:

    I know what you mean about focus: It seems as if whenever I add things to my plate, all of a sudden, I am PRODUCTIVE! For the resist work, you might want to check out this blog: She has been doing resist with the Elmer’s gel glue and getting some nice results.

  2. Ruth Lane says:

    Hope your mom gets through the move smoothly. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your painting and seeing the resist outcome.

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