Quilt University Design Class

I’m taking a class through Quilt University called Inspired to Design taught by Elizabeth Barton.  The instructor teaches students to design quilts using photographs as inspiration.  The class covers various styles, such as abstract, impressionist and collage.

I chose my picture and completed the first round of sketches.  I took the picture several years ago when my husband, son and I went down to the Maumee River one summer afternoon to fish.


Out of all the sketches I did, I liked the abstract ones the best.


Since I took the class to learn to design pictorial quilts, I’m changing my approach to focus on texture for the next set of sketches.

What I like most about the class so far is that the instructor guides students based on the student’s individual style.  If I had liked the abstract sketches, she would have made suggestions along those lines.  I’m learning as much by reading what she has to say about other student’s drawings as I am from my own.

I’m surprised how different the design process is when using a picture for inspiration instead of using blocks in a traditional quilt style.  I’m excited to see what comes out of me in the next lesson.

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One Response to Quilt University Design Class

  1. Beth says:

    I’m in her other class right now–Learning to Work in a Series. I took the Inspired to Design previously and think she is an excellent teacher!!!

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