May UFO Challenge

Judy at Patchwork Times has a UFO Challenge running this year.  Every month she picks a number at random and that’s the UFO we’re supposed to finish.  All participants listed out their UFOs, numbered one to twelve, prior to January 1st.

This month she chose #9, my Retro Charm quilt.  I took this picture with the old camera and the colors are way off.  I’ll talk more on this quilt later.


Last month I switched out the one she chose for one that wasn’t on the list, because that’s what I felt like working on.  I wanted to get the top complete.  I didn’t get the border strips made, but I did get the rows sewn together.  I didn’t assemble the top because I plan to use a QAYG method to finish it.


I decided to use yellow for the first border, and I’m surprised to find I don’t have any.  Haven’t decided whether I’ll dye it or buy it.  I’m leaning toward dyeing just because I haven’t for a long time.

My son and I are heading out to Sauder Village shortly to see the quilt show (me) and eat ice cream (him).  He’ll pretty much go anywhere as long as there’s food involved.

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2 Responses to May UFO Challenge

  1. Beth says:

    Boys and their food! It doesn’t change when they get older either.

  2. Gayle says:

    Yellow! I love it so much. So why is it that I don’t have much of it either? I think it’s one of those colors that when it’s right it’s right but if it’s not it’s OH SO NOT. I think that’s why I buy it for specific projects.
    Dyeing is good! I have to make an order from Dharma for some dye this week so I’ll be ready when I have the opportunity.

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