June UFO Challenge

The quilt chosen for the June UFO Challenge happens to be the same quilt that Judy picked for May.  I had it on the list twice because I knew it would take me more than one month to finish.  Having that quilt come up two months in a row would have been really great if I had worked on it, but I’ve been working on other quilts instead.

Maybe next year I should just write the names of “x” number of quilts on little slips of paper and draw one, finish it, draw another, etc.  I don’t do so well with making a list and sticking to the rules.

I didn’t finish a UFO in May, but I know I’ll finish one in June.  I’m about half way done with quilting the borders on Tribal Roots.

You can see all the posts of people that did finish their UFOs in May by visiting Judy’s blog.

And just for kicks, if I could follow the rules, this is what I’d be working on.  Only I’d iron it first.


Maybe next month.

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