Stash Report July 9, 2011

I just got back from Quilt National last night.  We shopped our way down, saw the show, and shopped our way back.  Whew!  I’m all shopped out.

Trips like that are always full of surprises.  On the sad side, we found our favorite restaurant in Nelsonville, the Coffee Cup, burned down Easter weekend.  My heart goes out to the family that owned and operated it for generations. 

One of the best surprises of the trip was the Calico Cupboard in Pataskala.  We stopped on our way home, thanks to the NQA show booklet and GPS.  It’s a great shop with a surprisingly broad selection of fabrics, notions and books.  I picked up a grab bag of muslin for pocket change and found it contained 3.5 yards of fabric.  That’s a lot less damage than I could have done, and I’m still in positive numbers. 

Next week I’ll have a bust to start the numbers moving the other way.

Fabric Used YTD:  21.125 yards

Fabric In YTD:  20.5 yards

 Net Busted:  .625 yards  

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