Quilt National 2011

We took a trip down to the Dairy Barn last weekend to see Quilt National, and we also went to a show organized by one of the Athens, Ohio guilds. 

The local show included a display of Hoffman Challenge quilts, with the rest of the quilts made by guild members only.  My favorite quilts from that show were a couple of Christmas block of the month quilts.  The Nelsonville Quilt Company ran those BOM programs.  I don’t remember seeing those quilts at the shop when we came through in 2009, so they must have done it last year.  The aisles were too narrow to get a good picture of the whole quilt, but I did get a picture of the blocks. 


When we go to Quilt National, there is usually at least one piece that totally fascinates me, but not this year.  There were a couple pieces that had some interesting techniques, and I took some notes. 

Naomi Adams did an interesting three-dimensional piece using batting between two layers of fabric and attaching it to the quilt with adhesive.  She has a picture of her quilt, along with background info on the show, posted on her blog.  The main quilt and the fabric are the black areas, and the colors are either dyed/painted batting or wool (not sure which).

Nancy Whitttington had a leaf quilt displayed that used paintsticks to add texture and dimension to the leaf motifs.  You can see the quilt here.  I’m not sure why this particular quilt caught my eye.  I like the idea of using paintsticks as paint instead of always using them with rubbing plates.

And because I love pictorial quilts, I have to mention Tanya Brown’s portrait quilt.  You can see her quilt and other pictures from the show here.  The artists must get special privileges, because photography is prohibited at the show. 

One of the reasons I enjoy this trip so much is that it gives me a chance to see some innovative quilting and what quilters in other areas are doing.  Quilt patterns and fabric tend to follow whatever classes and fabrics you see at the local quilt shops.  It’s interesting to see the trends in other areas. 

When it comes to innovation, Quilt National speaks for itself.  The show runs through September 5 at the Dairy Barn in Athens, Ohio.

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One Response to Quilt National 2011

  1. Gayle says:

    I hate that you can’t take pictures at some of these shows. I know all about the flash creating fading problems (not really but that’s what they say any how) and the whole copy right thing but what are people who don’t live near these venues or can’t afford to go to these venues supposed to do? The other think is that I want for my art to be seen by as many people as possible and as long as people say who did the piece when they show it on line or whatever that should be good. It’s kind of like a “protectionist” government problem. Where you are so afraid of the other guys no one can appreciate you!

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