Working in Series

Do you work in series?

I never have.  I never really thought about it until a few months ago.  I’m sure I read articles on it in various quilting magazines and books.  I could see the point, but it never held any appeal for me.

For whatever reason, I’ve changed my mind.  A friend who has thought about it much more than me was kind enough to share some of the information she had accumulated.  I already had some material on it from classes I’d taken through Quilt University.  So now I’m reading through it all, trying to organize my thoughts on working in series.

The key, of course, is to pick a theme.  In order to pick a theme, you have to know what you like.  A series can run for a long time.  It’s important to pick a theme that will excite you for the long haul.

To help me pick a theme, I’m wading through my “image file”.  I’ve also heard these called inspiration files.  Mine consists of magazine and catalog clippings, photos, sketches, notes and greeting cards, with a few odds and ends thrown in.  Here it is in all its unorganized glory.

It took me an hour to find it last night.  I had it spread out through three different rooms, in multiple places in each room.  Not much inspiration happens when you can’t even find the file.  I expect I’ll continue to find items I saved for that file for weeks.

Tonight I’ll start sorting it, putting items with common subject matter together.  I don’t expect many surprises.  There will be a nature pile, and a pile of images with strong geometric patterns.  There will be a “fun and bright” pile.  That will probably cover it.

My goal is to get organized enough to use the file for reference, and to find a box to put it in.  There has to be something around here….

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