Stash Report 07/24/2011

Nothing in or out this week   Here’s a repeat of last week’s numbers.

Fabric Used YTD:  22.375 yards

Fabric In YTD:  20.5 yards

Net Busted:  1.875 yards 

I got out and walked yesterday so I could take pictures at the park.  I was the only fool on the trails.  The temperature had dropped from earlier this week, but the humidity had increased.  I swam when I got home to cool off.

Now I have plenty of pictures to play with as I work through the series planning.  I haven’t picked a favorite yet.  I took this picture because of the way the trees formed an “X” when they fell.


This one is just a nice shot of the trail.


I definitely have enough material to keep me busy.

For links to all the other stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.

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1 Response to Stash Report 07/24/2011

  1. krisgray says:

    Love your photos! We went to a county park/forest but the humidity was just so impossible.

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