The Dye Job That Wasn’t

I few days ago I mentioned dyeing fabric for the back of my recently finished top.  I did that last night and washed it out this morning.

I don’t pretend to be a precision dyer.  So much of quilting is exact and patterned.  I want what I do with dye and paint to be free and fun.

But even I had to laugh at this.


The background is the fabric I dyed for the quilt back.  I know.  It’s the color of unbleached muslin.  At least I know how to dye really light pastels now.

The small fabric piece on the bottom is white, which is what I started with.  The one in the middle is what I thought I was going to get based on the color of the fabric in the dye bath.  The one at the top is what I was trying to get.

I’ll over dye it tonight or tomorrow and post my results.  I’m sure I can do better the second time.  If not, it will at least be good for another laugh.

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