The Winding Road

While my machine was in for service this week, I worked on some design ideas.  This quilt started it.  I saw it in an ad in a quilting magazine.

I have a fat quarter pack of plaids I wouldn’t mind using up, and I thought a smaller version of this quilt would make a fun charity quilt.  I scaled the whole thing down in EQ6 and headed into the sewing room armed with a list of the fabric requirements.


It didn’t take long to realize that my plaids were darker than the ones in the original quilt, and they didn’t look right with black.  They looked better with tan, which made for a blah baby quilt.

The plaids went back into the drawer.  Out came the Mary Engelbreit fabrics I won at the Chinese auction earlier this year.  Those fabrics have so much busyness that I find them hard to work into a quilt.  I ditched the original design.  I couldn’t find a pleasing way to make it with such busy fabrics.

I started sketching new designs.  I’m still sketching new designs.  I’m even considering going back to the original design.

My husband picked up my sewing machine today, and it’s back in my sewing room, good as new.  What a relief!  Now I can spend some time sewing and give the designs a rest.  In a few days I’ll go back to them with a fresh eye.

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One Response to The Winding Road

  1. Gayle says:

    Try making the original quilt with the plaids only using a lime or acid green instead of the black. I have found that color to be a great neutral lately! If you don’t have any just add a tsp of mixed up black dye to any yellow!

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