Old, But Not Forgotten

My sewing machine is back in the shop, so I pulled out my old White and got it running last night.  No way could I go another week without sewing.


Using this bare bones machine made me grateful for my Pfaff.  I sewed clothes and quilts and pinch-pleat drapes on the White, but it wasn’t easy.  Looking back, it’s hard to believe all the sewing I did on that machine.

The features I miss the most? 

Needle down position 

The needle threader

The dual feed

A decent quarter inch foot.

The whole machine in the shop ordeal has me thinking about getting a second machine, one that I can use to piece and quilt.  Besides the White, I have two other machines that are not in working condition.  One I bought at an estate sale and used for a couple of years until the belt broke and the fabric cord caught on fire.  Seriously.

The other is an old Morse that someone gave me.  I’ve never had it running.  It needs a belt and a new cord.  No idea if it will work once we replace those things.  It has all the attachments in a box and it weighs a ton.  Definitely not a machine I would haul to a class or retreat.  Probably not a machine I would use for free motion quilting either.

I’m sure my Pfaff dealer has a suggestion or two in the second machine department.  She started working on my husband when he dropped off my machine yesterday.  As much as I sew, he thinks a second machine is a good idea.  Hmmmmm.  Maybe that’s what I’ll put on my Christmas list this year.

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3 Responses to Old, But Not Forgotten

  1. Gayle says:

    Don’t discount the Janome Gem machines. They pack all the great features into a small light machine. You can even get an extension table to go with it. Actually I think it is part of the hard case and then makes the table? They also sell these machines at Sears as Kenmore brand. I think both are right around $200 give or take. Check them out. I am actually thinking about getting one for classes but alas my second Janome is still very much working and I still love it. Just wish it wasn’t so heavy 😦

  2. Cindy Kuipers says:

    I had to get my old machine out recently, too! I remember when I was using it how much I liked it. I still am glad I have it. I missed all the things you mentioned, plus the ability to regulate the speed with the machine, not the presser foot. Can’t do that with my old machine. I was either going very slowly or very fast! Glad to have the newer machine back, but also glad to have a back-up.

  3. Beth in TN says:

    I have read good things about the Bernina Bernette, which is probably their answer to the Janome Gem.

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