Stash Report September 4, 2011

My machine went back to the dealer this week and came home again, not fixed, while they wait for the part to come in.  The repairman said I could use it and it wouldn’t hurt anything, but I wonder.  Sometimes it stops and won’t go, other times I’m sewing and it speeds up.  I’m very careful where I put my fingers.

I did get the binding on the pink charity quilt for a quarter yard out.  I didn’t buy anything this week.


To see all the other stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.

Fabric Used YTD:  33.25 yards

Fabric In YTD:  22.75 yards

Net Busted:  10.5 yards 

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3 Responses to Stash Report September 4, 2011

  1. Kate says:

    Very pretty. Love the pink polka dotted fabric.

  2. Liz says:

    10 yards busted – that’s great. Love the little pink quilt.

  3. amy c says:

    Very cute! Sorry about your machine. I think that would make me nervous too.

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