The Next Something

Here’s the second block in the “not sure where it’s going” project.


The color mix kept me interested, and I like this block much better than the first one.  The black and white fabric didn’t make the cut.  Maybe I can use it in the next quilt.

I tagged the last post “improvisational quilting”, but now I realize that’s not what I’m doing here.  Improvisational blocks would be much less structured than the checkerboard blocks.

It doesn’t matter to me what it’s called.  It just makes it hard for other people to find if I can’t come up with the correct tag.  Any ideas?  It can be the Name That Project game.

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One Response to The Next Something

  1. Marcella says:

    I like the three color checkerboard idea though to add interest. Two colors is expected. You also see a lot of scrappy where every square is different. The larger limited palette is intriguing.

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