A Defining Moment

About those checkerboard blocks……..

I just couldn’t bring myself to go back in the sewing room and work on them again.  Odd reaction, when I’m excited about doing something different.

Then it hit me.  I’m trying to do too much in one quilt.  The blocks don’t belong together.  They each belong in their own quilt.

The last thing I wanted to do is start three new projects, but there they are, in their glory, staring at me from the design wall.  And here’s the kicker.


That’s all I have left of the focus fabric.  So now I have even more opportunities to work with color and pattern. 

I really am excited about working with these blocks.  This shift takes me in the direction I need to go, it just caught me off guard.  A weird thought, since I was there sewing the blocks and couldn’t see it at the time.

Anyway, more to come…….

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