Whirlwind Tour

We’ve had a wild week around here.

My sister came in from out of state on Friday.  Shortly after, my son got sick.

My sister left on Sunday.  Monday I took my son to the doctor.  My husband and I came down with his crud.

Tuesday my other sister arrived from California.  There were many visits to see mom and take her places. 

My husband and I started feeling better today.  Because we hadn’t covered enough ground in one week, my sister and I moved mom to a different room in the assisted living facility this morning.  Mom couldn’t get along with her roommate.  We’ve hit the mean, say-what-I-want-no-matter-how-nasty-it-is stage of dementia.  It’s a little like the terrible twos, only worse.

With all that going on, I still managed to finish the Not Quite Cobblestone quilt last night.


That was my seventh UFO finish this year.  On to the next…….

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