Admitting I Have A Problem

A local quilt shop has sales running all this week, so I stopped after work last night to get some aqua fabric and see what else I might need.  Big mistake.  Damage was done, but at $4 a yard I could hardly pass up buying fabric.

I’ll save the part about how much I bought for the stash report later this week.  What did me in was a fat quarter bundle of Christmas fabrics.  I love Christmas fabrics.  Before my son was born I would buy them and use them in crafty projects.  In the last ten years I’ve barely used them at all.  That doesn’t stop me from buying them though.

Of course I want to use some of those cute Christmas prints right away, but I didn’t have a pattern in mind when I bought them.  Knowing I had more fabrics that might coordinate, I started pulling out all my Christmas fabrics.

I had no idea.  There are several one yard cuts in that pile that were stored in a couple different places.  It’s funny, in an embarrassing sort of way.  I guess now I have an excuse to use them.

These are the two fabrics I’ll start with, paired with a solid I found in my stash and one of my hand dyed greens.

I still don’t have a pattern in mind, but I’ll come up with something.


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1 Response to Admitting I Have A Problem

  1. Beth in TN says:

    Believe me, you do NOT have a problem! You are the most disciplined fabric stasher I know. Come to my house and you will feel better 🙂

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