2012 UFO Challenge

It’s that time again.

Last year I participated in Judy’s UFO Challenge.  Sort of.  I have issues following other people’s rules, especially when it comes to my own creative expression.  By the second half of the year I gave up pretending to work on the UFO that Judy picked, but I still worked on UFOs.

So if I felt that way, why am I signing up for another round?

Because I finished SEVEN UFOs last year.  Four were on my challenge list.  Three weren’t.  I also started and finished three other quilts this year, for a total of ten quilts.  Given everything else that happened in my life last year, that’s downright miraculous.

Keeping my attention on those UFOs made a huge difference.  And since it worked, here’s my list for next year:

1.     Heart quilt.  I’m working on this now and haven’t posted it yet.

2.     The Still Life, from the Esterita Austin class in 2011.

3.     The Poppy quilt, from the Lenore Crawford class in 2010.

4.     Snippet Butterfly, my oldest UFO from 2000.  No, that’s not a typo.

5.     The Bell quilt, currently in process.

6.     Retro Charm.  I finished the top over two years ago and still need to quilt it.

7, 8 &9.     The 2009 Applewood Farms BOM because sometimes a girl just need to piece.  This one will take more than one month.

10 & 11.     Two donated charity tops that need quilted and bound.

12.     The stamped cross stitch kit I’m working on now.  It isn’t a quilt, but I WILL finish it next year and start something else out of the “kit drawer”.

Maybe I’ll work on these or maybe I’ll work on some of the others, but either way I’ll work on UFOs.

To see all other lists posted by the challenge participants, pop on over to Judy’s blog.  It’s great fun to look at pictures of other people’s quilts.

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5 Responses to 2012 UFO Challenge

  1. dmdezigns says:

    I think that’s a great attitude. Anything that helps keep us focused works for me! Can’t wait to see which ones you actually get done this year and which new ones you substitute!

  2. ruthlane says:

    Congrats on all those finishes, whether you followed the rules or not. I look forward to seeing how many more UFO’s you conquer!

  3. I thought I would have a hard time working on the one that Judy selected but it seemed to work out for me. I only finished 3. But I worked or thought about, thereby further the quilt plan, for most of the other ones. Glad to see it worked so well for you, and that you are in it again this year. (I think this year I’ll end up finishing more than 3)

  4. knitnoid says:

    I love the fact that Judy says make the challenge work for you.

  5. Lovely quilts you got going here! I understand about not following others directions! I’m really not a list person, can’t even make myself follow my own weekly menu plan! Gave that idea up years ago! That is why this most definitely will be a challenge!

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