Back To Embroidery

I made good progress, in spite of the holidays, but it’s hard to see because a lot of it is stitched in off-white thread.


We have a quiet weekend planned after a very hectic week.  My husband’s truck broke down and it took him three days to fix it.  We shared one vehicle even though we work in opposite directions.  Not something I want to do very often.  We have nothing but sleeping and relaxing planned until we go back to work on Monday.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year!

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2 Responses to Back To Embroidery

  1. ruthlane says:

    Happy New Year and I hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  2. Gayle says:

    Happy New Year! Better picture of your embroidery. Very ambitious for sure. It is more heavily embroidered that it looked at first. Can’t wait to see it finished.

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