Stash Report and Second Mystery Muse Gift

I finished the second Mystery Muse gift and have it all packaged for mailing.  I’m SO pleased with it.  The recipient’s phrase for 2012 is “put together”.


I had no idea what the final product would look like.  I started with the shoe idea and let it develop one step at a time.  If only every project flowed so effortlessly.

The finished piece is 4″ x 6″.  I used crayon to shade the heel and the inside of the shoe.  The leaves and wire came from an exchange of crazy quilt items in my Art Quilt group.

Combined with the leftover from the last quilt, I ended up with a small bust.  No fabric purchased this week.  To see all the other stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.

Fabric Added:  3 5/8 yards

Fabric Used:    2 3/8 yards

Net Added:       1 1/4 yards

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