Mystery Muse Incoming

I received a package from my “angel muse” earlier this week.  The person assigned to me did not send anything out, so they assigned someone else.  This is the only swap I’ve ever done where the coordinator ensures everyone gets something.

The package included some postcard size pictures, several small cards and a whole sheet of instructions.  The cards contain positive affirmations and words to think about.  I read the instructions, but the whole incapable-of-following-the-rules thing had me glazing over.  I think I’ll just enjoy the postcards for their visual content and leave the rest.


The girl with the lion is definitely my favorite.  Thanks to everyone at Artella for hosting another wonderful “mystery” program.

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1 Response to Mystery Muse Incoming

  1. ruthlane says:

    I think you’re right, who needs instructions? Looks like a wonderful selection.

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