An Embroidery Kind Of Week

We all have weeks like this.  Sick kid, multiple doctor visits, crazy busy at work, sleep interrupted, meals missed, schedule trashed.  I’m ready for this week to be done so I can start over next week.

When life throws the crap pile, I need sleep, dark chocolate and the comfort of a meditative task, in that order.  So I pulled out the embroidery.


I stitched enough that I can move the hoop.  How exciting is that?  The next section has fewer color changes and the design is less dense, which means it will go much faster.  The first section took three months, but I don’t work on it every day.  I do work on it some each week though.


My favorite part so far is the brown feather.  I like the blue ones too, but the brown feather rocks.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll even start sewing again.

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1 Response to An Embroidery Kind Of Week

  1. ruthlane says:

    The brown feather is nice. Hope your week improves 🙂

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