A Truce With Raisins

Sometime during my childhood, I decided I didn’t like raisins. 

Raisins never did anything to me.  I can’t remember a specific event that  changed me.  No tummy aches from eating too many oatmeal raisin cookies.  No night of vomiting after eating a whole box of them.  I simply decided I never wanted to put them in my mouth again.

Fast forward forty-something years.   I’m walking through Kroger wishing I was anywhere else but the grocery store.  Buying groceries is my least favorite household chore.  I’d rather scrub down the bathroom or weed the garden.  Anything is better than walking down aisle after aisle of food you can’t eat.

I walked over and started going through what I call “the used bread rack”.  Really it’s the day old stuff from the bakery, but that’s what I’ve always called it.  My husband is a chocoholic and my son is on a whole-wheat bagel kick and the rack usually has one or the other on the cheap.

Much to my surprise, they had gluten free raisin bread on the rack.  It felt fresh, as in soft, smelled wonderful and was half-price.  I immediately ditched my belief that I didn’t like raisins.  I ate two pieces, toasted, when I got home.  It tasted wonderful.


The experience has me wondering what other mental baggage would be better left in the bakery aisle at Kroger.

The brand is Udi’s Gluten Free Foods, and it’s definitely worth a try.  I appreciate a company that understands that people who eat gluten free do not want their food to taste like sawdust.

And those raisins?  I’m over them.

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