Scaling The Mountain

Do you ever make things harder than they really are?  Really?  Never?

My teen is an expert at this.  Sometimes he can take a simple idea so far into the realm of the impossible that it’s hard not to laugh.  OK, so my husband and I don’t try that hard not to laugh.  And then we usually rib him about it and laugh some more.  It’s payback for all the times I’ve been a huge source of entertainment to my son, followed by him telling me, “You are SO weird.”

I catch myself making things harder when I’m tired or when I don’t want to do something.  Sometimes I have trouble getting my mind around a new idea or a new way of doing things, and I think it’s complicated until I have a chance to accept the change.  Then it doesn’t feel like a big deal.

As I’m in the home stretch of piecing the inchworm top, I can see I made this quilt much harder than it was.  This case fell into the I-don’t-want-to-do-it category.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy making baby quilts.  I just had more creative projects on the brain and wanted to work on those instead.  In hindsight, I probably should have worked on both at once.  I doubt adding another project to the mix would have dragged it out anymore than I procrastinated on my own.


I made the face block, but didn’t add the features yet.  I’m cutting sashing and borders and thinking about how I want to quilt this.  I’m ready to be done with this quilt, and that may be the biggest motivator of all.  That, and I can still finish it before the baby is due.

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One Response to Scaling The Mountain

  1. ruthlane says:

    I end up doing that a lot, perhaps it is a form of procrastination. Hadn’t thought of it that way.

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