Stash Report 3/18/12

I haven’t reported for a while, which was good because it meant I wasn’t buying fabric.  As in past tense.

Yesterday I went up to Ann Arbor for the guild meeting.  Afterwards, we always go to lunch, Whole Foods and our favorite thrift shop (PTO).  I have never seen a thrift shop have so much fabric.  You have to dig through the bins to find quilt shop quality, but it’s there.


I couldn’t pass up the pre-cut flannel squares or the woodland themed flannel.  The two yards of cotton will be charity quilt backing.  At about $1/yard, I feel good about only bringing home 3 ½ yards.

One yard out for donation, which is a story for the next blog post.

To see all the other stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.

Fabric Added:  9 7/8 yards

Fabric Used:    3 3/8 yards

Net Added:       6.5 yards

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One Response to Stash Report 3/18/12

  1. Angie SoCal says:

    Lovely fabrics you found. Your numbers will straighten out when all those charity quilts are done.

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