Stash Report 3/25/12

I quilted most of the inchworm top yesterday and plan to finish it up in the next few days.  Since it’s in the homestretch, I’m counting it out for three yards.

I made a mistake in my report last week, and I’m correcting that too.

No fabric in this week.  I sewed the flannel squares I bought last week into a top.  I plan to have that be a bust next week.  My goal is to be in the black by the end of April.


To read all the other stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.

Fabric Added:  9 5/8 yards

Fabric Used:    6 3/8 yards

Net Added:       3.25 yards

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1 Response to Stash Report 3/25/12

  1. Dar in Mo says:

    You are very close to being even. Nice baby quilt.

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