Think Palette

This is what I’ve done so far with the pile of yellow scraps.


They’re a loose version of log cabin blocks, but not for a log cabin quilt.  I’m building a background for something more.  Not sure what that something is yet.  I’m making a couple more blocks and then adding some spacer strips, and then I’ll be doing some painting.

I have this weird urge to make a quilt that isn’t square or rectangular, but uneven along all the edges.  I saw this quilt in a magazine, and it opened my mind to the infinite possibilities of unevenness.  I’m so glad she thought of it because I never would have.

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One Response to Think Palette

  1. Gayle says:

    My art group in Canton did a workers quilt for the AnnArbor guild and it had edges like that. It made it so much more interesting and textural. Was actually easier to do too! The person that bound it used a fused binding and it was perfect

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