One Step Closer

Tough week around here.  Husband was sick first, and then he passed a mild version of his crud to me.  My mom had a doctor appointment and my son had a school related banquet and a birthday party.  Between running all those places and working, it seems like all I did was sleep.

Before all that started, I got out to the stores and bought some new stamps.    I don’t get out near enough, so I hadn’t seen this product before.  They’re called rubber cling stamps.  Think window clings except with stamps, and they also sell clear plexiglass blocks to go with them.  The beauty of the product is that you can buy one block and reuse it with multiple stamps, and you can see through the block for placement purposes.  I didn’t buy a block yet because I want to try using clear plastic contains and drinking glasses first.  Even thought about using them on a rolling pin to get a brayer effect.  So many possibilities…..


I tried out some of the stamps on a fabric scrap that I had already stamped with a different leaf design.  I have a few other techniques I want to try out too.


The log cabin blocks are all pieced and I have them mounted on foamcore board, just waiting for me to feel like painting them.  Maybe I’ll get to them this week.

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