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After a long break, I’m back to working on the scrappy log cabin blocks.  I decided to stamp them with leaf designs and some allover patterns.  Here are the items I used.


The big surprise was the plastic rectangle with all the holes in it.  I know I brought it home from Art Quilt Group, but I don’t remember who brought them or what they came from.  Anyone?  I absolutely loved it.


I used five different greens to do the stamping.  I know, I know, who has five different greens in their paint stash?  When Michael’s clearanced out all their fabric paint I bought one of everything they had left.  I wish I had bought more because I’m low on some colors.  Not green though.  Green I have.


I like the blocks, but they look a little boring to me.  I’m going to stamp again using a different color and not as heavy.  I want to add a little more interest without overdoing it.  When it’s time to stop, the blocks will let me know.

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3 Responses to Back To The Logs

  1. Gayle says:

    Wow! Those turned out great. Your use of all green made a huge unifying look for it. Great Job! I don’t know what that little plastic thing is either but I have four of them in different sizes. I picked them up at the Scrap Box in Ann Arbor. I got a ton of stamping/printing things there. My favorite though is something called sequin waste. It’s what’s left over after they make the sequins you buy. Some places sell it on a spool like ribbon but I think you can buy small amounts of it also.

  2. bbcute says:

    I think this makes a great background!!! Instead of more stamping, think “3-d collage” and after you get the blocks together, add the next layers: felted pieces, appliques, buttons, charms… Anything that isn’t flat on the background.

  3. Wendee says:

    Oooooooo! These look fantastic! I like what bbcute suggests. Looking forward to where this project goes! Very inspiring! 🙂

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