What’s Going On In The Sewing Room

Not much, really.  Not for the lack of ongoing projects, but more from too many other tasks vying for my attention.

This is what I would be working on if I were sewing.


That’s four project spread across the bed in the sewing room.  The yellow blocks and the still life are ongoing.  The pink curved piecing came from a mini-group sewing afternoon.  We learn a new technique every month.  This month we’re going to build on the background, so I need to get it done – before Sunday.  The Fig Tree kit is a new add, just because I want to work on it.


Aren’t the fabrics yummy?

New projects are always fun because they’re different and exciting.  Finishing projects is fun too because you get that sense of accomplishment.  It’s the middle of projects that sucks, where you have to work through all the challenges and keep yourself excited. 

Maybe I can sneak some of the old projects in between sewing the new project and make them feel more exciting.

I’ll get back to you on that one.

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