Approaching a Choice

Now that I’m THIS close to finishing that very long embroidery project, I need to decide what to start next.  So many choices!

I have this drawer of embroidery projects I bought at auctions and garage sales.  There are more projects in there than I care to count, mostly pillowcases and dresser sets.  Does anyone use those anymore?  I already finished a set of pillowcases and two table runners out of this pile.


Then I looked in the sewing room.  I thought I had another box of embroidery projects in there, but I didn’t.  That was a bit of a blessing.

Next I pulled everything out of the dresser in my son’s room, which was my old sewing room.  I never did move everything out of there.  That pile of kits has a Christmas theme.  What’s not to like about Christmas?  The food is happy, the decorations are happy, the lights are sparkly, and all that fluffy white snow makes it all sparkle even more.  Christmas brings color to winter. 


I’m sure I have stacks of magazines, books and patterns scattered about, but I didn’t even go there.  Sometimes too much choice is a bad thing.

Looking through all those kits is a walk in time through the last 15 years of my life.  I hate to admit I’ve had some of them that long, but I have.  One of the kits came from Walmart while buying diapers for my son.  Now he’s old enough to drive. 

I still enjoy all these kits and I’m happy to see the colors and designs are timeless.

So which one did I pick?

That’s a post for another day. 


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