While We’re On A Christmas Theme

I spent the weekend at mom’s house continuing the endless cleaning project.  I’m doing a craft fair in September to try to sell some of the wooden items that dad made.  I brought the first load of it home to sort through and price.  Sure wish there was an easier way.

Whenever I’m cleaning there I find a surprise or two.  Some bring sadness, others bring smiles.  This time I found a little of both.

On the smile side I found my Christmas stocking from when I was little.  I can’t remember if I used it when I was older, but I know I used it through grade school.


Isn’t it hideous?  The 1960s at their finest…..  That stocking held a heck of a lot of candy. 

On the sad side I found a box of old pictures, probably dating back to before dad started dating mom.  There are lots of pictures of dad and many other young men in uniform.  Dad was a hobby photographer when he was young, and many of the pictures were taken while he served during WWII.  The box also contained obituaries from the local paper of the boys that didn’t make it back.  I found it very sad to see the lives of those fresh-faced young men ended before they even began.

I wish I had known about those pictures before dad died.  I would have liked to hear their stories.

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One Response to While We’re On A Christmas Theme

  1. ruthlane says:

    What fun to find your old Christmas stocking. I bet that brought back a lot of memories. I bet those photos would have lots of stories associated with them.

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