What I Did This Weekend


It was another stop on the endless road of getting rid of mom’s stuff so I can sell her house.  I did a craft show/flea market with a friend (that’s her in the background).  It made for a long day, but the weather was beautiful and it was fun to chat with the people walking through and the other vendors.  I probably wasn’t the best place for either of us to sell our stuff, so we’ll chalk it up to “live and learn”. 


I had to scramble to borrow tables and it was all I could do to fit everything on them.  The vendor across from me was selling crocheted rugs, and after looking at them all day I think I’ll have to make one.  What a great way to use all those fabrics I really don’t want anymore.  

With all the prep for the show I didn’t get any sewing time in this week.  That was the last big “thing” I had planned for the year and I’m looking forward to getting back into some kind of creative routine.  Other than working at mom’s house some weekends before winter weather sets in, I don’t think I’ll be doing much traveling.  Now if I can cut back the work hours, I’ll be all set.

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One Response to What I Did This Weekend

  1. Joyce says:

    Sorry you weren’t able to sell as many items as you would have liked.

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