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Letting Go

Since I had such a positive response to the post on 30-day trials, I decided to start sharing as least some of them while I’m doing them. For November I’m trying something different.  Instead of doing something specific, like yoga, … Continue reading

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Stash Update 10/28/12

Finally, something to report. The Fig Tree top is with my quilter for 6.75 yards out.  I bought the backing from her and will adjust for all that when I get the top back.  The rug sample used another .25 … Continue reading

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Thread For Life

I took a vacation day this week to take advantage of the summer-like weather.  It since turned colder and wetter, but I got in a good chunk of time at the storage unit while it was warm and sunny. When … Continue reading

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Rug Test #2

I moved on to try the Cotton Theory method for rug making. I saw a rug made with this technique and it was impressive.  It looked good, it was thick and heavy, and it didn’t have that quilt as you … Continue reading

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Creative Update 10/21/12

The sewing stopped after I finished the Fig Tree top.  I haven’t figured all the fabric used for that, so I’ll have to report it next week. I didn’t buy any fabric, which is good.  Maybe.  I haven’t come up … Continue reading

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A Year of 30 Day Trials

In the past I’ve posted about different habits I’ve tried to incorporate into my life using 30-day trials.  A 30-day trial is exactly that.  For one month, I try doing something different with my life to see if it works….or … Continue reading

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A Sneaky Finish

Since most people read their email sitting down, I won’t worry about anyone falling over and hurting themselves, because OMG I actually finished something.   It was rather anticlimactic.  I woke up early and sewed the last border on the … Continue reading

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