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Letting Go

Since I had such a positive response to the post on 30-day trials, I decided to start sharing as least some of them while I’m doing them. For November I’m trying something different.  Instead of doing something specific, like yoga, … Continue reading

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Stash Update 10/28/12

Finally, something to report. The Fig Tree top is with my quilter for 6.75 yards out.  I bought the backing from her and will adjust for all that when I get the top back.  The rug sample used another .25 … Continue reading

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Thread For Life

I took a vacation day this week to take advantage of the summer-like weather.  It since turned colder and wetter, but I got in a good chunk of time at the storage unit while it was warm and sunny. When … Continue reading

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Rug Test #2

I moved on to try the Cotton Theory method for rug making. I saw a rug made with this technique and it was impressive.  It looked good, it was thick and heavy, and it didn’t have that quilt as you … Continue reading

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Creative Update 10/21/12

The sewing stopped after I finished the Fig Tree top.  I haven’t figured all the fabric used for that, so I’ll have to report it next week. I didn’t buy any fabric, which is good.  Maybe.  I haven’t come up … Continue reading

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A Year of 30 Day Trials

In the past I’ve posted about different habits I’ve tried to incorporate into my life using 30-day trials.  A 30-day trial is exactly that.  For one month, I try doing something different with my life to see if it works….or … Continue reading

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A Sneaky Finish

Since most people read their email sitting down, I won’t worry about anyone falling over and hurting themselves, because OMG I actually finished something.   It was rather anticlimactic.  I woke up early and sewed the last border on the … Continue reading

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Rug Update

Over the last month I’ve been looking over the patterns in Twenty Easy Machine Made Rugs by Jackie Dodson and pinning together small samples to see how the patterns worked with quilting fabric.  Most of the patterns in the book … Continue reading

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Border Saturday

No fabric in or out this week.  I meant to get to the quilt shop to get backing for the Fig Tree quilt, but I didn’t make it.  Maybe next weekend. I sewed the first border on the quilt yesterday.  … Continue reading

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Another Gluten Free Adventure

There are things I really miss since I figured out I need to eat gluten free.  Pizza.  Cookies.  Cake.  The ability to go to a restaurant and order a sandwich.  It doesn’t matter what kind, I just sometimes want the … Continue reading

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